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Application Form

Please complete this online form with as many details as possible to enable us to find a suitable placement for you.

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Do you have any formal childcare qualifications?  yes   no

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Experience with Childcare, Housework and other details


Experienced with:

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Willing to work with families:

    0-6 months 0-6 months of a different race
    6 months-1 year 6 months-1 year of a different religion
    1-2 years 1-2 years with a single mother
    2-5 years 2-5 years with a single father
    5-10 years 5-10 years  
      mentally handicapped  
      physically handicapped  

If you have had any experience with children
please supply childcare references:


Type of housework done?

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Are you in good health?

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If not, from what do you suffer?

Do you have any allergies?

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Do you have a criminal record?

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If yes what were you convicted of?

       Do you eat everything? yes  no

If no, what do you not eat or what are
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Do you smoke?  yes  no    If yes then how many per day?  

                       Would you agree not to smoke in the family's home? yes  no

Which sports do you play?

        Do you play a musical instument and if so, which instument?  

Do you like animals?

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If yes, which animals do you like?

Do you have a driving licence?

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Would you drive abroad?

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Please give details of hobbies or interests and/or any further information that you feel might help us find the right position for you:

Upload a photograph of yourself and/or of you with children or babies

maximum size of picture should be approximately 1 megabyte or 1,000kb each

the larger the file the longer you'll have to wait for it to upload

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If you have any further pictures or Scanned images of documents as needed below, please also upload them here

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I fully understand the Agency's conditions and agree to abide by these conditions.
Furthermore, all the details given by me on this application form are correct.

            * I agree to the above declaration



Additional items that you will be asked to send by post or email when this form is positively processed

1. One pleasant passport photographs with your name on reverse.

2. At least two large photographs showing you with children / babies.

3. A medical certificate stating you are fit to work with children.

4. An autobiographical letter written in the language of the country where you wish to be placed.

5. At least two references (i.e. child-care, character reference, employer, teacher etc.)

6. If you have requested a Nanny placement, copy of NNEB or similar certificates, should accompany your application form.

7. A Police Record Check